Saturday, December 22, 2012

I have been listed in Athens Spirit blog in Athens Alabama...

Along with 40 others artists from the surrounding are.

If you are in the area....come by and check us ALL out.... Christmas is right around the corner and the Craftsman Cottage will be open Sunday the that that last minute shopping done with a warm cup of coffee in your how many shops will offer that.......


Friday, December 21, 2012



If you are interested in either of can contact me via email

This jumper started out as a curtain panel. I folded it in half..cut the neck out..the arm holes...and started sewing with my antique singer sewing machine....If you didn't was a treadle that has been converted with an electric motor. It has one stitch and no reverse....and I wouldn't trade it for anything....
These 3 pieces can be found at the Craftsman Cottage on 100 N. Clinton St. Athens, AL.
$95.00 Sm/Med

This sweater was simple and need that Prairie-izing....I added satin ribbon down the front and wove a ribbon around the waist so I can be form fitting or worn loose. The hem is full of beautiful vintage lace, crochet, bits  and pieces.
It has 3/4 sleeves and soft..soft...soft.

This lovely little girls dress would be beautiful as a flower girl dress at a country wedding. 

A simple bolero  over the shoulders would be more elegant.
The dress started out as a cotton slip and now has layers and layers of Prairie.

 There are elastic gathers on the sides. Mother of Pearl Buttons are hand stitched here and there.
$85.00 size 6

Tuesday, December 18, 2012



I added 'The Sweater' to my Etsy page and it sold that day....I am sorry to see it is what it

I have been busy keeping up with orders and I promise I will get everything posted before Christmas!

The booth is doing well and I will be back to the Craftsman Cottage to replace what has been sold. Hope to see you there.

I have been working on a sweet see through jumper that will be perfect for summer 2013. It is a sheer with blue embroidered daisies randomly, it use to be a soft cotton curtain....:)
 It will have adjustable tie offs at the shoulder and has a single large pocket and a few gathers with mother of pearl buttons. I will post a photo when it is finished.

I have been selling up-cycled sweater sleeves as hand warmers...these are doing very well and I plan on creating more with just lace. So keep an eye out for those.

I plan to post again before Christmas..but if I don't....Happy Holidays to All and to All a good........:)

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I went to the booth and added a few more pieces to fill in some empty spots. 

Let me take a little time to explain a few facts about what I do..
I am always searching for pretty white cotton blouses to create my Prairie Style Clothes and occasionally I will find a great piece that I just know I can do something special with.

 Well the other day I did just that. I found this long sleeve long 
john style undershirt... that is in the photo below.

 I know exactly what I was going to do with it. I did all the usual things like adding  pieces of other blouses to it,  crochet and tattered fabric.
Then I tea dyed it..put it in the dryer...with no thought of anything amiss....but, to my surprise when I pulled it out of the dryer....there was a stain that looked like someone had spilled oil all over the front and back....It was mind you...NOTHING SHOWED WHEN I STARTED...

What was I to do?

 I cut the largest stained part out which just  happened to be at the neckline and up the left  shoulder. I added a large piece of lace to cover the area left.There were several other spots all around this  area. so I added  lace, pieces of cotton sweater, crochet and mother of pearl button. 

 I spent more time fixing it then I did creating it turned out beautiful.....all the bits and pieces just added to the over all look.
 This kind of thing happens on most blouses but nothing this drastic.

  So you know.. it turned out better then I had originally thought it would.
You just never know.....

Monday, December 3, 2012


Here are a couple photos as promised..The booth turned out as I had hoped. I need to add a few more pieces it seems.....hmmmmm...I wonder why......It was a very busy weekend...


I added a few more items to the booth....such as an Altered Couture Magazine. It was the winter issue and had one of my sweaters in it...The four page spread really helped with the whole layout of the booth....

I would like to Thank everyone who turned out for the event....Happy Holidays...from... PRAIRIE CHILD @ the Crafrsman Cottage..Photo: ~ Prairie Child Designs ~