Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Playing Catch Up...

It has been a BUSY time at Prairie Child Design! 

I have had lots of requests for custom work and here are a few examples of some of my work.

The customer wanted me to use one of her old favorite blouses as a pattern. She had worn it to thread bare, but she love it, I took measurements from it and went to work.

She want them exactly like her old blouse. I told her I couldn't do exact, but I could do my interpretation of it.  
Here is the second example.

....and the third from the back.

A double layered piece of free flowing tatters.

Pockets are double stitched..she likes to use them.

Here are just a handful of sales.

My Etsy Shop is doing well also. I had one customer to purchases 10 pieces at once...a record for me!

The Fire of Passion was purchased along with several other items with 'Birthday' money...

The lady that purchased this patchwork patterned piece called me up on one of my off days, telling me she just had to have a particular necklace she had tried on.
 So, I got 'dressed' and went to open the HOT shop, she came, purchased it and wore it out. 
I asked if she wanted it packaged up...'No', she said, she wore no jewelry because she had planned to wear it that day... How cool is that!

Have a GREAT summer and Fourth of July! I will be !