Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Prairie Chil'D

The outside of the shop and my old Ford pickup.

I have a small website that just has a list of items that can be found at the shop or on my Etsy page...Prairie Chil'D

I have been busy adding a few things to the boutique lately. I have had lots of requests of antiques...I know very little about 'antiques' as far as price goes. I know what I like and I have expensive taste it seems.
Here are a few items....

I found a few trophies from the 1902-3 and added Italian lace, an old mirror and a bird nest of all things..but hey it works...

The Faux Bois stool is one I created several years ago. I was going for a pine log and bark..I think I achieved that.

Price:$300.00 plus shipping...weighs about 30 lbs.

An antique quilt top...soy candles..jewelry..and kitchen containers...It all came together...Who knew!

I carry loose teas....soy candles...soaps and lotions.


I have worked on a line of dresses, Tea Bags...

There has been lots of other things going on at Prairie Chil'D lately but that is for another day.