Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Playing Catch Up...

It has been a BUSY time at Prairie Child Design! 

I have had lots of requests for custom work and here are a few examples of some of my work.

The customer wanted me to use one of her old favorite blouses as a pattern. She had worn it to thread bare, but she love it, I took measurements from it and went to work.

She want them exactly like her old blouse. I told her I couldn't do exact, but I could do my interpretation of it.  
Here is the second example.

....and the third from the back.

A double layered piece of free flowing tatters.

Pockets are double stitched..she likes to use them.

Here are just a handful of sales.

My Etsy Shop is doing well also. I had one customer to purchases 10 pieces at once...a record for me!

The Fire of Passion was purchased along with several other items with 'Birthday' money...

The lady that purchased this patchwork patterned piece called me up on one of my off days, telling me she just had to have a particular necklace she had tried on.
 So, I got 'dressed' and went to open the HOT shop, she came, purchased it and wore it out. 
I asked if she wanted it packaged up...'No', she said, she wore no jewelry because she had planned to wear it that day... How cool is that!

Have a GREAT summer and Fourth of July! I will be !

Thursday, May 22, 2014


New line of clothing....and her name is Relic's

Everything will have a feel of ancient days...of a calmer quieter time. With loose flowing tops and pants that will have plenty of room to move.

There will still be plenty of raw edges as the ancient of days calls for it. Speaking of the 'Ancient of Days' here is a necklace I created. The 'Venus' was hand sculpted and stained to create that aged patina of lovely bones....

I have also been working on expanding my Bohemian style as well. LOTS of fashion 'Reworks' at Prairie Style Design.

These lovelies came together quiet well. 

The top was a crochet halter that I connected with a flowing hem of another top. The skirt was from the reminiscence pile at a local fabric store. It rides low on the hips with two hand stitched button holes. The length is long to be cut to fit the new owner.

The shop is doing well and I am getting wonderfully creative vendors to entice the customers.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Prairie Chil'D

The outside of the shop and my old Ford pickup.

I have a small website that just has a list of items that can be found at the shop or on my Etsy page...Prairie Chil'D

I have been busy adding a few things to the boutique lately. I have had lots of requests of antiques...I know very little about 'antiques' as far as price goes. I know what I like and I have expensive taste it seems.
Here are a few items....

I found a few trophies from the 1902-3 and added Italian lace, an old mirror and a bird nest of all things..but hey it works...

The Faux Bois stool is one I created several years ago. I was going for a pine log and bark..I think I achieved that.

Price:$300.00 plus shipping...weighs about 30 lbs.

An antique quilt kitchen containers...It all came together...Who knew!

I carry loose candles...soaps and lotions.


I have worked on a line of dresses, Tea Bags...

There has been lots of other things going on at Prairie Chil'D lately but that is for another day.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I now have a website that has examples of my work,

This lovely found a new home this week along with several others.

 I added several bits of blue to create a balance with the embroidery on the blouse.

The back is longer then the front and covers the 'behind' beautifully.

I created a new piece from an item that was part of a trade out on a jacket she wanted done. 

 It had sleeves which I cut off and stitched over twice to prevent any new raveling.

 It had an ugly cowl neckline that I cut off and added this lovely lace and tattered fabric. The material is gathered and asymmetrical, so one side is lower then the other.

The hem I cut to create a full beautiful look.
SIZE: 18/20
PRICE: $95.00+$6.00 shp.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


This week was very busy at the shop.

I had several custom pieces to get finished up and took in more...!I worked on a sweater that the client wanted to add a skirt to. It turned out lovely. 

I created a lovely Prairie Blouse for a customer that went through my 'stash' hanging in my workroom. I added bits of blue to go along with the embroidery down the front of the blouse.

The back show the vintage pieces I used.

I used vintage hankies with lots of handwork on them. Added bits and pieces of tattered fabric along with old lace trimmings.

The front has pretty embroidery with little beads through out. I used bits of tattered blue fabrics on the sleeves to bring a balance to the blue in the embroidery and the hankie.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Some of my pieces

by Victoria Lawrence Images.

My Gawdy Poncho SOLD


The Prairie Dress has found a new home as well.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

January Doings....

I have been so so busy. My customer base is growing wonderfully. I now have several clients that drop by on a regular basis for me to create new things from their old clothes. I can do simple to extravagant, from turning a large into a 1X to something like this beautiful skirt.

 This is an original. I created this for a client in Florida. She plans to wear in at the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. She has purchase a beautiful leather vest with all sort of metal bits and pieces on it...I can't wait to see photos of her all dolled up.

Here is a true Prairie outfit...all tatters and lace.

 This jacket had nice 'bones' but was pretty staid....I cut the hemline, too it and cut it into strips. I stitched around all to stop ravel, then stitched back to the new jacket.

*********This is the start of my Bohemian Prairie summer line for 2014.**********

I use several bits and pieces to create these one of a kind skirts. They can be found at my Facebook page...Prairie Child Design. 
If you see anything you like..or have an idea for an original just for me at