Tuesday, October 29, 2013



 What they don't raise, local orchards provide..things such as peaches, apples and strawberries. With the help of a few friends who also grow what ingredients the couple do not, they will all get together and have tea parties...deciding what herbs and fruits go together best. Samovar Gardens is the name of this green earth company and here is a link. http://www.samovargardens.com By the way....Samovar is the name of a vintage Russian tea maker!

TI had a write up about thN.

 Girly Girl Purses...https://www.facebook.com/GirlyGirlPurses is one of the vendors at the shop. Janet Dearman does wonderful work. She tells me she is always looking for fabrics...I know exactly how she feels. Everywhere I look, I search out VINTAGE!!!

 I have lucked out and found a couple wonderful people who help me find some of the most fantastic choice vintage pieces...doilies, hankies, dinner napkins, table clothes...etc...etc...I really don't think I would have a business if it weren't for the 2 LOVELIES. They own their own business.. Ms. Patty Green of  Sisters Antiques, here is her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SISTERSANTIQUES an a gentleman known only to me as Mr. Reggie  and the name of his online business is Aesthetic Restorations.

 I met a wonderfully nice lady who added this pretty couch to the shop, Ms. Karen is into 
antiques as well. In fact she works at an antique mall, Champagne Lane Antiques and here is a link to their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/champagnelaneantiques

This is an example of my Prairie Boudoir Line... I am about to start a line of dress made from slips and I preferably vintage. I will be adding lace and doiliies to colorfully dyed slips.  
THE SUITCASE....is full of vintage pieces, baby clothes and socks, bonnets and gloves. It even had extra buttons on the card. Anyway...I found all this wonderful stuff in an OLD brown paper sack....and I got it for a steal.....@ $2.00 whole dollars!!!! I use it as display...I can't bear to part with it...lol


 And this is one of my favorite customers. I have created several custom pieces for her. She loves to go searching for pieces for me to put together, 'In your own special way', as she says....I tell my customers that you can dress my creations up or dress them down...She loves to dress them down...notice the work boots and long-john shirt...lol. Thanks Ms. Janet.

Last but not lease I found this to add.

I found this today....It has lots of lovely ideas for uses of vintage doilies and old lace. I thought some of you would like some simple ideas for Holiday presents and gifts.