Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Latest Goings On...

I just thought I would let you all know that I will be setting up a space at Craftsman Cottage, it is in a Craftsman Style house. There are local artists that recycle and re-purpose all sort of interesting items

. The location is 100 N. Clinton St. Athens AL. The Grand Opening/Christmas Open House will be this weekend. There will be an artisan cheese business there and lovely music, as well as local artists to show you around. If there are any in the North Alabama area out shopping this weekend....give us a peek.

It has been years since I last set up a real sho-sho fru-fru I am in the process of going through all my stored 'stuff' and trying to decide what I need to create a beautiful  little spot for Christmas but not over do it like most have a tendency to do.

I think I am going to add  some Christmas cedar, a few bunches of rosemary and a large bowl of old faded roses mixed with dried peppermint tea. I am going to hang a string of rosemary intermixed with used dried teabags. I may wrap a few "presents" with tissue paper and tea stained tattered fabric with bows piled into an old basket.

 Two old doors that have been painted a dark turquoise and hinged together will stand in one corner will hold a few pieces. There is an old dress form to display a Prairie Dress and an antique wood clothes rack will hold a few more pieces. I plan to have a few Altered Couture Magazines on display to show off the sweater that I have in this months issue. I hope it will turn out in reality as beautiful as the image that is in my mind. If it does I will post a few photos later.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Starting now I plan to be more active with my Prairie Child blog
and I am keeping my fingers crossed to make it happen...:)

 I am all over the place in the social either as well as sewing for the public. With Christmas right around the corner I am trying to create items for Christmas presents, All who know me, knows that I make 90% of the presents I give....Time is short.

I have recently acquired another dress form so there may be some major changes in my creative style.

 I have  up-cycled for the last two years using everything from old bed sheets to curtains to old tablecloths to get the yardage that is needed to create those unique pieces.

STARTING IN THE NEW YEAR.... I am going to start using some new linen yardage to add to the up-cycled line.
 I want to create a casual feminine line with soft crumpled no iron wear.
they are listed on my Etsy page and you can use the app on the Prairie Child blog to reach it.

 I have been trying to find the time to add new information to my blog...but...time is hard to come I do hope you will be with me as I  break out into NEW IDEAS...

 Here is my idea of a pair of ultra baggy pantaloons. I used a pair of curtains to make a couple different pieces and this is one example. I am wearing the other curtain 

 This sweater and skirt can be worn together or separately. I used 3 different sweaters to create this lovely piece. The skirt was a linen curtain and it is beautiful...this photo does not do it justice. .

 This beautiful linen blouse will fit that pleasantly plump me...I added the little pocket low to be used. It would be great for a teacher or anyone that is constantly looking for somewhere to put that pen or that odd item you don't want to loose.

 I created this very adjustable jumper to fit several sizes. A table runner, vintage lace and a skirt were all stitched together to create this lovely summer jumper. A silk camisole, or a simple sport bra will look great under this piece....Showing a little extra skin is not a bad thing....:)

This VINTAGE blouse is factory made so I don't know exactly how old it is.
 I cut the sleeves, the collar and added loads of vintage doilies, lace,tattered fabric. It is light weight and see through. This lovely blouse and  nice sport bra would look beautiful over a pair of you favorite skinny jeans.

I hope and really will try to be more constant in an eye out for my posts and remember....check my Etsy page to purchase one or more oft these items. Thanks PC 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Of late I have been daydreaming of opening a real storefront...a little boutique in an old brick building with wood floors and a tin ceiling.....
I think I would like to see my clothes on racks with the sun shining through large front windows and a large antique table filled with bits and pieces of old lace and tattered fabrics..Yes..I do think I shall have to daydream a little harder.....