Saturday, January 15, 2011


I haven't been commissioned to do anything of this magnitude lately, but then again I haven't pushed it either. 
This is a mosaic that I did that I made for myself.

 I used broke mirror and black grout. I didn't have a plan in mind when I started, I just let it happen.
 It is 8 foot wide and 4 foot tall.
I like it.

This is a mural that I did of a scene of ancient Egypt.
 It has the pyramids in the far distance with a little village of artisans that is just waking up.
 Looking through the window of the temple out at the Sun/Ra as he rises in the early morning you get the feeling of being in that place and time.

There is a captive monkey sitting on the windowsill eating from a bowl of fresh picked dates.
It is hard to get the full view with the furniture in place but O' well. 

The Nativity...

 This work was a very in-depth piece to do.
There was a total of 18 pieces not including all the objects that each was carrying or setting on. 

There were the 3 wise men and their presents.
 One wise man was kneeling on an oriental rug that I made from an old piece of tapestry  that I fringed the edges.
 I made the things they carried  from old metal beads to look like little metal boxes.
 It was great fun looking for things that fit the proportion of each piece.

Next was Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. Joseph is leaning on his staph and Mary is kneeling at the manger. 
Finely there are 3 figures of an old man holding a plate of food and middle aged woman holding a terracotta  water jug and a young man setting on a manger holding a lamb.
 All the people figures are at least 12 inches tall, the animals are made to proportion.

The creche had three stalls with a 4 inch cherub at the roof.

 The mantle is 18 inches deep and 8 feet long but the painting takes up a lot of that space so i had to make a whole new creche to fit that
The picture frame wasn't taken into account when measurements were taken.

 The nativity scene takes up the whole 8 feet of the mantle. 

So all was well.


This is paper mache piece.

 I called it the THE THREE MUSES.

 It turned out really great. You can see the 3 stages of life
It was approximately 16x14 inches.
  I used news paper, toilet paper and paper napkins in different areas to get just the right texture. I used a textured paint because I wanted it to look like an old rusty iron piece.
 I enjoyed creating this piece.

This is just a few things I have done. I will hunt for a few more pictures of things I have done for a later date. I am very diverse because I don't like to do the same thing over and over.