Thursday, May 22, 2014


New line of clothing....and her name is Relic's

Everything will have a feel of ancient days...of a calmer quieter time. With loose flowing tops and pants that will have plenty of room to move.

There will still be plenty of raw edges as the ancient of days calls for it. Speaking of the 'Ancient of Days' here is a necklace I created. The 'Venus' was hand sculpted and stained to create that aged patina of lovely bones....

I have also been working on expanding my Bohemian style as well. LOTS of fashion 'Reworks' at Prairie Style Design.

These lovelies came together quiet well. 

The top was a crochet halter that I connected with a flowing hem of another top. The skirt was from the reminiscence pile at a local fabric store. It rides low on the hips with two hand stitched button holes. The length is long to be cut to fit the new owner.

The shop is doing well and I am getting wonderfully creative vendors to entice the customers.