Monday, February 24, 2014

I now have a website that has examples of my work,

This lovely found a new home this week along with several others.

 I added several bits of blue to create a balance with the embroidery on the blouse.

The back is longer then the front and covers the 'behind' beautifully.

I created a new piece from an item that was part of a trade out on a jacket she wanted done. 

 It had sleeves which I cut off and stitched over twice to prevent any new raveling.

 It had an ugly cowl neckline that I cut off and added this lovely lace and tattered fabric. The material is gathered and asymmetrical, so one side is lower then the other.

The hem I cut to create a full beautiful look.
SIZE: 18/20
PRICE: $95.00+$6.00 shp.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


This week was very busy at the shop.

I had several custom pieces to get finished up and took in more...!I worked on a sweater that the client wanted to add a skirt to. It turned out lovely. 

I created a lovely Prairie Blouse for a customer that went through my 'stash' hanging in my workroom. I added bits of blue to go along with the embroidery down the front of the blouse.

The back show the vintage pieces I used.

I used vintage hankies with lots of handwork on them. Added bits and pieces of tattered fabric along with old lace trimmings.

The front has pretty embroidery with little beads through out. I used bits of tattered blue fabrics on the sleeves to bring a balance to the blue in the embroidery and the hankie.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Some of my pieces

by Victoria Lawrence Images.

My Gawdy Poncho SOLD


The Prairie Dress has found a new home as well.