Thursday, December 26, 2013


        WOW!!!! It has been a while!

 I have been busy sewing and keeping the new business up and going and being a one woman show it is pretty overwhelming.

Now lets see......well...I been sewing some pretty cool totes from old coats. I have stitched up some sweaters and made a few pairs of Prairie Pants. I created my first Infinity Scarfs. It took me about 3 hours to figure out my first one and the next to about half that time. Once I figured what I needed to do, it took no time at all! lol....

I had several folks come in the shop from out of state which has been cool. Traveling is such fun! 

One thing I am going to do this next month is go through some of my creations and pick out a few pieces that I have had a while and dye them. 
I think for a start I will go black and let it thin out to gray. I have had a lot of request for black, like, "I would buy this if it was black", or "Tea isn't my color". I have found that the older ladies in general like black better and I must say I am in that

           Christmas......what can I say? BUSY!!!!!!!!

My racks have thinned and I am going to have to get busy. I have been working on creating 'Prairie Slip Dresses'. I am looking for vintage slips with plans of adding lace, doilies, etc and dyeing them for the Spring. I will add photos when I have several finished up.

The NEW YEAR is right around the corner and I am ready for it!

I will try to be more proactive this year in my posting....Please keep an eye out for them....

Stay Cool.....

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