Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fruits of a Journey continued.....

I found this wild and fabulous blog this morning and fell in love with it and her....JuJu!!! SHE is so full of life and has the same loves as I in other artists....She loves Gibbous Fashion..and so do I....She loves Magnolia Pearl and so do I............How wonderful is that! 

My journey has been long and scary but I have found over the years that The Big Journey is what we are all to explore, examine, use all the senses for and in the end that is all there is...The Big Journey..that has taught everything we need.

We may enjoy, we may scream and cry, we may love or hate and over time it all becomes mute..for the Universe brings you what you ask for and I have asked for the perfect husband for me and the perfect son for me and the new business I have created.....all just for me. And.....that my friends is what I want to share with you....Prairie Child Design

Prairie Child Design is setting on a rise looking down on the surrounding area and in a sweet little log cabin backed up the woods. There is a rock wall behind it and the land behind the wall is higher. There in the edge of the woods is an old concrete picnic table with seating and it all covered in moss, fallen leaves and the cool moist smells of the woods....can't you see it?

I have wanted this building for years and years and years....and finely, finely the Universe calmly said... yes.  I have worked for two weeks in getting things set up for my little boutique at the edge of the woods, so now finely I am open and ready to show the world just some of the results of my continued journey.
I hope you will enjoy the continued journey with me...Prairie Child 

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