Monday, April 16, 2012


This lovely outfit was totally up-cycled. I used part of the blouse on another piece then added a love table runner for the part that had been cut away....The skirt was long and boring...I used some of the hem on another blouse and decided to cut the rest of the skirt to create this lovely asymmetrical hem full of bits and pieces.                                                                         The whole outfit came out beautifully.  
 This mini bustle turned out wonderful...I showed the piece with lovely vintage broaches to give an idea of how to wear it...It can be worn in the front like an apron, in the back like a bustle or as a cape to be worn over that special prairie outfit.....
 This sweater is a small so I turned it in to a prairie bolaro  ....and I added several pieces of doilies,  ribbon and vintage mother of pearl buttons....


  1. I'm drooling over all these beautiful creations! Lovely!!!

  2. I loved them as well....such a shame they are small.....:(