Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I worked on this for 2 days and I finely finished it...

I started with a blouse and added a length of old sheet and an old dresser runner. I added bits of lace and crochet to areas of darker spots from the tea staining process.

The neckline has elastic so it can be worn off the shoulder or not and the sleeves are simple but quiet nice.

The back has a tiny bow tie at just the right spot. I added  gathers that are pinked and the raw edges are showing just to be different and to make room for the  dance...

The hem is full of beautiful crochet and lace that make the dress swing as you walk.
Price: $135.00 plus shipping
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  1. Beautiful work! I have yet to try my hand at sewing clothing, but I do hope one day to give it a try so that I can make the clothing I truly want to wear and is 'real' woman size *winks* out of my Vintage Fabric stash. I was spoiled as a child, my Dad made all of my clothes and would let me choose the styles and fabrics I wanted it out of so that I'd always have a wardrobe of OOAK pieces disctinctive to my sensibilities. Before he passed I should have asked him to teach me how to sew by machine... right now I sew all my fabric Art entirely by hand, labor intensive but so very relaxing and enjoyable.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Thank you Ms. is never too late to start something new...and you CAN teach an old dog new tricks...coming from someone who